octombrie 27, 2010

…fără cuvinte/wordless…(24)

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This was the best picture I ever captured in Bucharest. Most of its lesson and spice would be caught by the ones with good vision and who are familiar with the work of Lars von Trier, that is without further speaking about a certain sense of humour.

Location:after a rainy day, near the ruins of the National Theatre.

Perhaps best viewed when walking around though…

And this goes to Wordless Wednesday-October 27.

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  1. Jen said,

    I really like this pic.

    Happy WW 🙂

  2. Maureen said,

    What an image. Disturbing in an odd way.

    • adria74 said,

      well, I am sorry, I really was amused by the association. what is disturbing? the ashen colours? the wild dogs?
      I do not intend to specialize into creepy stuff! :*

  3. CatSynth said,

    I quite like this photo. It is a bit sad, but very much captures the time, place and mood.

    • adria74 said,

      I am sorry for the sad atmosphere and quality of the image (it was made with a cell phone), for me it was really very funny and clever. I like your black and white photos. Thank you for commenting and am glad for sharing the good opinion!! Happy WW and the rest!

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