iulie 9, 2011

International Photography Workshop Suprasl 2011

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The warm-hearted team who founded OrthPhoto.net – a panorthodox webpage promoting the beauty of orthodoxy through photographs, open to both  amateurs and professionals-, together with Suprasl Academy, are generously proposing an International Photography Workshop at Suprasl Academy for 10 days during the month of august. In the preliminary programme, there are included workshops organised together with Nikon Academy, discussion groups, attendanceat liturgical services,  trips to orthodox parishes and monasteries nearby and a pilgrimage to the Holy Mount of Grabarka (“the hill of crosses”), the biggest Orthodox sanctuary in Poland for the feast of Transfiguration. Supraśl Orthodox Monastery was founded in the 16th century and it is known for the miraculous icon of Our Lady of  Supraśl, for Codex Suprasliensis-the oldest Slavic literary work in Poland (11th century), included in UNESCO Memory of the World list – and for an interesting icon museum.

Path at springtime natural forest

 Grabarka is close to Bialowieza National Park ( Europes last fragment of lowland primeval forests).

The best photos will be shown in an exhibition.

The cost for the workshop is low -250 Euro- and covers:
• Accomodation at the Suprasl Academy • Full board • travelling by coach • tickets for extra activities.

Orthphoto Projects are open to Christians from all countries (have to register to the site– no registration fee).

For more details, suggestions (the programme is flexible), communication with organizers, sponsorship or application (maybe the submission period will be extended a little bit) , please visit the dedicated site of the Ist International Orthphoto Workshop.

Great Orthodox Defensive Church - Suprasl Monastery Royalty Free Stock Photo

Supraśl monastery on Orthphoto.net:




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