ianuarie 20, 2010

I’ve bookmarked and I share(3)

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With an accent on photography


Surface Tension at the Metropolitan Museum of Art New York (some works revealed on the net)-September 15, 2009–May 16, 2010

Culture Matters at Galateca Art Gallery Bucharest (C.A.Rosetti 2-4)-January 18-28, 2010


Maria Jose Foundation’s 4th International Award for fine arts (painting, sculpture, photography, engraving) for young artists under 35 -delivery of works: April 12-30, 2010- Source: reţeaua literară (literary network)

European project

Generation 89 (you must be born in 1989)-Application deadline for Romania: January 31, 2010-Source: afaceri.europene (european affairs)


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